Basta Box Lightweight

Basta Box units are manufactured from EPP, one of the world’s best insulating materials, combining strength and durability with lightweight construction. Basta Box units exceed current food regulations for transporting ambient, chilled and frozen foods. Basta Box containers are lightweight, less than 1kg even for the largest container.

Available in modular sizes which can be stacked. Basta Box containers are ideal for home delivery, catering events, farmers markets and specialist food companies operating a door to door service. They are used for many non food applications where temperature sensitive products are being transported and stored.

Basta Box Large – *a popular choice for storing GN pans. Fits x2 GN1/1 100mm deep pans.
External Dimensions: 600mm x 400mm x 300mm
Internal Dimensions: 540mm x 340mm x 240mm
Capacity: 44 litres / Weight: 0.97kgs

Basta Box Small – *excellent for storing smaller pre-packed food/drink products.
External Dimensions: 400mm x 400mm x 220mm
Internal Dimensions: 346mm x 346mm x 170mm
Capacity: 20 litres / Weight: 0.56kgs