Avatherm Military

Avatherm Military boxes are built tough to take the rigours of field life.

Avatherm military containers are built to the highest standards with the finest quality materials and they are designed for the most demanding environments. Avatherm Military/NGO insulated containers are thermoformed from double skinned high grade polypropylene and injected with high performance CFC free polyurethane for excellent thermal performance.

They are available in a wide variety of sizes including gastronorm in both top loading and front loading to suit most catering operations.

Most Avatherm military containers are stackable and can be used with re-chargeable energy cells for both hot and cold operations. With a wide range of trolleys available for easy movement of multiple units we have solutions for most high volume catering operations. All external hinge, lock and corner protection mouldings are manufactured from high grade polyamide and are fully replaceable to ensure a long life. Avatherm military containers are produced in green or sand and other special colours are available by request.