FlipBox is a re-usable, high performance, folding insulated container. Each can be used with eutectic energy cells, when necessary, that gradually transmit latent energy while the goods are in transit. FlipBox delivery systems can also include insulated vehicle cassettes, into which the FlipBox containers are loaded where extended delivery times are required. Vacuum insulation packs are available where appropriate to further enhance performance and extend transit times.

FlipBox containers are manufactured from EPP, one of the world’s best insulating materials, combining strength and durability with lightweight construction.

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FlipBox units exceed current food regulations for transporting ambient, hot, chilled and frozen foods. FlipBox containers are lightweight; less than 0.9kgs even for the largest container.

Available in a range of sizes that can be stacked, FlipBox containers are ideal for many temperature sensitive movements, including:

  • Supplier to restaurant delivery
  • Restaurant to home delivery
  • Catering events
  • Farmers markets
  • Specialist food companies operating a door to door service.

They are also useful for many non-food applications where temperature sensitive products are being transported and stored, particularly when box storage space is at a premium.

Description Length mm
Width mm
Height mm
FlipBox Premium 420/370 420/370 240/185 25 0.52
FlipBox BIG 600/550 400/350 250/200 39 0.85

Store even more, including your gastronorm pans with FlipBox BIG…