PED FactoryPED have been providing thermal solutions to blue chip and other quality conscious customers for over 30 years.

Our customers include major supermarkets, logistics companies, home delivery operators, hospitals, pharmaceutical companies and food producers.

We offer the widest range of insulated containers in Europe and export our products Worldwide. We carry large stocks of containers in our Northants UK warehouse.

We offer a complete range of insulated containers large and small to solve most cool chain and heated product delivery applications. Most of our containers meet HACCP regulations for the storage and transportation of chilled, frozen and hot foods.

We scour the world for high quality products that offer real benefit to our customers.

We operate our own metal fabrication facility in Northants for the manufacture of associated shelving, racking and wheeled dolly’s that co-operate with our range of insulated containers and enable custom solutions to be created.

We have built our business on simple principles; work hard and value honesty and integrity above all else!