Home Food Delivery



ThermoKuli Blue Premium HD EPP are heavy-duty insulated containers. Our stocked ThermoKuli products come with a cleverly designed inlet for better hygienic and cleaning purposes.


Thermexx Lightweight HD EPP are reusable lightweight (high density) containers. Typically used for home delivery operations.

Thermexx MD

Basta Box Thermexx Lightweight MD EPP are reusable lightweight (medium density) containers.

flipbox-closeup flipbox-open_closeup flipbox-flat_closeup

FlipBox is our space saving fold-up EPP range and is used for a number of home deliveries.

avatherm50_insulatedcontainer AVATHERM-PIZZABOX_238_0

Avatherm containers are available in a wide variety of designs including gastronorm compatible, the range includes specialist units for motorcycle and vehicle delivery operations.


Meals on wheels and hospital operations utilise the Mealmobile complete with integrated crockery and cutlery. Precision thermoformed from top quality food safe polypropylene with high performance injection moulded polyurethane foam insulation. Designed for meals on wheels, hospital and other food delivery operations this great system features integrated cutlery storage and is fully stackable for multiple deliveries.